3rd September, 2019

Sherburn Village WMC, UK

Back in 'The Village' to play some tunes with Fine Vintage. Some footage available on the 'Video page'

10th August, 2019

JG Windows, Newcastle, UK

A fantastic afternoon in the Arcade - thanks to Windows (the music shop, nit Bill Gates) for arranging the oppotunity for Fine Vintage to play vintage songs in a vintage setting!

24th July, 2019

Buskers at The Cricketers

Bill Quay, UK

Debut public performance for 'Fine Vintage' with John Kettley (not the weatherman) and Hannah. Good audience with lots of singing along. Tried out my new wireless connection kit as well. First time I've played at The Cricketers since 1982 when the Folk Club used to meet upstairs!

27th April, 2019

The Central

Gateshead, UK

Back in Blighty and running a 'Jazz Workshop' with Central Ukulele Players. A busy few hours teaching 'All of Me', Mack the Knife' and 'Sway'. Right-hand off-beat and Left-hand slides to the max!!

December 2018

Costa Calida, Spain

6 gigs in 12 days - Christmas Carols and songs in Camposol, Condado and El Alamillo. A big big 'Thank you' to everyone who played and sang.

7th July


Social Centre (Vecinos)

Isla Plana, Spain

Second UkeSkool gig, second soaking for all the kit on the driest part of Spain!! 2 sets - Vintage and 'Popular Beat', plenty of dancers and a special mini-set with John Scammell from Yester'Ukes and Keith on bass.

2nd June


Church Garden Fete

Camposol D, Spain

First live gig for the UkeSkool Camposol group. An excellent turnout and some fine figures in the new purple uniform. Completed our first set under cover with an impromptu Singin in the Rain - it was absolutley 'stotting down' as they say in Newcastle. Fantastic help from the 35 person choir and a request to book us for next year!

5th April


Museo Olivares

Paseo, Puerto Mazarron


A strange evening! Turned up to a Spanish Jam in Isla Plana - then went on to the port to a spanish bar to sing Happy Birthday (or rather Feliz Cumpleanos) to the hard-working barman. Stayed and played two sets with 3 Spanish guitarristas, Ton (our Dutch bassist) and a classically-trained singer! Didn't know any of the songs except 'Volare', didn't understand the sheet music, still baffled by the rhythmns; bonkers but great fun!

22nd March


Golf Club,

Camposol, Spain

Played with Pete Crook (congas) - probably the fastest version of 'Sway' ever heard!!! Completed short set with Aint She Sweet, Bring me Sunshine and by request- Worried Man with Nick on guitar.

27th February


Vista Sports & Cafe Bar

Tuesday Tunes session with Michael E (guitar) and Ton (bass and u-bass). Don't think they've ever seen ukulele with ukulele bass!

24th December 2017

Village Hall

South Woodham Ferrers

Essex, UK

Christmas Eve at SWF again. This time a guest spot with another ex-Yester'Uker - Rita. Happy New Year to all!

22nd November 2017

Conservative Club

Rayleigh, Essex UK

Back on home soil and a surpise to the rest of the Yester'Ukes. A somewhat older audience - really appreciating the jazz age songs and some of the newer ones. And the beer was cheap too!!!

8th November 2017

Klub MUK

Melbourne, Australia

A return to Melbourne to see some new ukulele friends at Klub MUK. Fantastic response from the admittedly uke-keen audience, to Minnie the Moocher. Maybe next year as well??

22nd September 2017

Ned Kelly's Last Stand

Hong Kong

Sang with the house band - turns out that the band leader Colin is from North Shields and his Dad probably sold me my first guitar when he was working at the famous JGWindows in Newcastle! How's that for coincidence?

9th September 2017

Bossa Nova Club

Nanchang, China

A real international gig -  found the only bar for Expats (run by a Brazilian!) and jammed with 2 guitarists - one a Serbian just about to be deported (the Chinese authorities didn't believe he wasn't get paid for gigs!) , the other a Finnish teacher of English! Amazing how some Pink Floyd brings us all together.

2nd July 2017

Southend Ukulele Festival

Southchurch Park

Essex, UK

A fun afternoon playing with my old friends Yester'Ukes in the sunshine in the Park. Even attempted some songs we'd not played together before! Nice to play with Geri, Chris, John and Vic on 'home soil'.